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Peter King lists Panthers as one of four possible trade destinations for Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Peter King talked about Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in his weekly column for NBC Sports and named off four teams who could be trade partners with the Steelers if they decided to trade their All-Pro Pro Bowl receiver.

He talks about a lot more than the Brown vs Steelers situation, but here’s the part of King’s story you’re interested in: The part where he talks about the Steelers trading Brown and the four teams who should be interested (emphasis mine).

As for the future, the Steelers have time to let the situation cool off. The start of the 2019 league year is nine weeks away (March 13). I’d let this thing simmer down. In mid-February, Mike Tomlin could quietly meet Brown in some private place in Florida and they could have the face-to-face they’re going to need to have if this relationship can be salvaged. It’s worth salvaging; Brown, 30, is a dominant and affordable player, at $38.9 million over the next three years. But if he won’t agree to Tomlin’s way, all the way, Brown should be traded.

Who would trade for him? I’ll give you possibilities: Oakland (with four first-round picks in the next two drafts and a coach who won’t fear the distraction), Carolina (though the Panthers have spent profusely on Cam Newton weapons, here’s one that could make the Panthers two or three wins better); San Francisco (all-world young tight end, but just an OK receiving corps); and the Jets. An idea? Jets trade Robbie Anderson and a second-round pick to the Steelers for Brown. Jets sign Le’Veon Bell. And the (Steelers East) Jets finally have the weapons to be a potent NFL offense for the next two or three years.

Two or three wins better is huge in a 16-game schedule. Just think, if the Panthers were 10-6 instead of 7-9, we probably would have watched them play last weekend instead of the Eagles. (Let’s ignore that Cam’s shoulder was wrecked and just go with it for a few minutes, okay?)

Seriously though, if the Panthers could trade a second or third round pick and end up with Brown, should they do it? I don’t think they should give up a first round pick since they have too many needs and need to use that first rounder on either an offensive tackle or defensive end, but if the Steelers would take a third round pick this year and a conditional third or fourth round pick next year, should the Panthers make that trade? I think they should because it makes the team better. Yeah, they already have play-makers at wide receiver, but Brown is the kind of guy that you add to your roster anyway because he makes you that much more dangerous.

What do you think, Panthers fans? Should the Panthers trade for Antonio Brown? How much would you be willing to give up to get him? Share your thoughts!


Should the Panthers trade for Antonio Brown?

  • 26%

    Yes, the offense would be unstoppable!

    (248 votes)

  • 55%

    Only if the price is right. We have too many needs.

    (526 votes)

  • 17%

    No way!

    (167 votes)

941 votes total

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