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Panthers’ Ron Rivera says Eric Reid should buy a lottery ticket after 7th drug test | NFL

After the Panthers lost to the Saints on Monday, Carolina safety Eric Reid took to Twitter to share a note from the NFL. It said Reid had been “randomly selected by the NFL drug testing program’s Medical Advisor to complete a … test today.”

This was Reid’s seventh drug test since joining the organization in September.

“I guess there was something about some mathematician saying it’s highly improbable but definitely possible,” Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told the media Thursday. “But I’ll say this: If my name came up that many times, I’d buy a lottery ticket.”

Reid also spoke with reporters equating the numerous requests for tests to being stopped and frisked.

“I’m not concerned I’m going to fail a drug test,” Reid said. “I’ve never failed a drug test in my life. It’s not like I’m worried about it. But it’s duly noted that it’s happened. It’s [like] stop and frisk. If I’m walking down the street, I know I’m not doing anything illegal, but that doesn’t mean I should be stopped every time I go outside.

“I know what I’m going up against. I’m not surprised by this. This is some of the least shocking things that I’m aware of in this collusion case. So my teammates are more shocked about it than I am.”

Reid’s teammate, wide receiver Torrey Smith, added he can’t make sense of the situation. He shared he’s been tested “maybe three” times since the beginning of the season, which included the test every player has to take at the start of training camp. One of Reid’s tests was also done during his physical.

“They can say it’s random all they want,” Smith said, via ESPN. “Sometime it has to make sense. It can be random, but if you keep seeing the same guy popping up, what about [another] player over here taking PEDs, or whatever. You’re missing out. You’re testing the same guy.

“… I guess there’s a small chance we can make the hit [winning the lottery] to make a million. They say it’s random, but you have to add to that, it doesn’t make sense.”

Reid, who filed a grievance against the league that is scheduled to be heard after the season, believes the repeated tests are because of his collusion case. The grievance was filed in May.

The Pro Bowl player was the first NFL athlete to join former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality. Reid was a free agent before signing with the Panthers on Sept. 27. He said he has been “taking notes” of the league’s actions these past few months. 

“I perceive that the league is full of you fill in the blanks,” Reid said. “I wish I could see y’alls faces if what I know becomes public from this lawsuit.”

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