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NFL Free Agency: Carolina Panthers sign Efe Obada to one year contract

The Carolina Panthers have signed defensive end Efe Obada to a one year contract. This is probably the least surprising move the team will make all year. Obada is a young player who flashed talent at a position of need for the Panthers and he also happens to be from the UK, where the Panthers will be playing for the first time this season.

Obada wasn’t active for every game in 2019, as the Panthers rotated through a number of bottom-of-the-roster guys to try to generate a pass rush. Obada did manage to make a few highlight plays in his limited action. He record two sacks and one interception in ten games.

That may not sound like much. Two sacks in over half of a season isn’t going to revolutionize the Panthers defense. But considering that he has only been playing organized football at any level for four years, two sacks and eight tackles is an impressive stat line. Obada now has another year to grow in the game and make a place for himself in the NFL.

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