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Here’s why hypothetical Panthers job opening would be more attractive than Packers gig

The Packers job is open and it’s going to be a choice gig for potential candidates. But how does it rate against other jobs? And, specifically, how would the Packers job compare to the Panthers job, which could come open if Carolina misses the playoffs and David Tepper decides to go in a different direction than Ron Rivera?

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora joined the Pick Six Podcast to discuss all things Packers/Panthers. JLC was the first to report the concerns with Rivera in Carolina (and actually, if you subscribed to the podcast and listened to it daily, you would have known several days ahead of the news that something was coming) and he expounded on what’s happening.

“This has been brewing for a while. What we’re getting for three hours on Sunday should be better than this,” La Canfora explained, adding a new GM would not be off the table either. “If you make a coaching search at this point, you’re probably open to anything. That will be the most attractive job, I don’t know if I can say by far, but to a lot of coaches that’s even a better job than Green Bay.”

That caught my ear — the Packers have Aaron Rodgers after all — so I was curious why.

“Because [Tepper is] something of a blank slate,” La Canfora said. “Lot of these guys like living in the South. It’s cheaper, you can raise your family well. You can be kind of a rock star there but not be swarmed like you would if you’re talking New York. Drew Brees has a year or two left. Atlanta is going to pay Matt Ryan $45 million just in 2019 to be the 11th or 12th best QB in the league. All that’s happening. Tampa’s going to fire their coach again.

“You know this owner has the means and the competitive bent to be as aggressive as necessary to help you get better. It’s something of a blank slate. You’re going to be the first guy he hires, he’s going to want to be committed to making that work. It’s a super attractive job. Super attractive.”

I don’t disagree with Jason here either: there is also WAY less pressure on whoever is hired by the Panthers than there is on whoever is hired by the Packers (stream Panthers-Browns, Falcons-Packers and all of Sunday’s games on fuboTV, try it for free, and stream the CBS games on CBS All Access). The next Packers coach will be expected to deliver a Super Bowl in the next four years. Carolina would like the same, but it isn’t a job requirement — compete every year, be aggressive and develop Cam Newton and see where the cards fall. 

JLC and I both agree that Marty Hurney’s done a very good job building out the roster since he returned to Carolina. This is a competitive team and the last four weeks don’t indicate what the Panthers are capable of at full strength. Cam is clearly injured and they just lost Greg Olsen for the season.

But if Tepper changes coaches, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him change GMs as well. He paid more than $2 billion for the team; if he wants to put his own leadership group in place, that’s his prerogative. So who could land in Carolina? La Canfora had a spicy suggestion or two.

“What about Josh McDaniels and Nick Caserio? Why would that job not interest both those guys. Cam Newton, D.J. Moore, Christian McCaffrey … I like Ian Thomas, but whatever, you fold a tight end into that. Good luck holding them below 40 points most weeks,” La Canfora espoused. “And you get a little bit better on the back end. Would Harbaugh — if I’m John Harbaugh, let me go, do that mutual parting of the ways. Lemme get $55 million from Tepper and let’s dive in. Let’s go. 

“That job will be VERY attractive.”

Unfortunately for the current people in charge, the attractive nature of this job might just make changes even more likely. 

For more on Carolina as well as the Packers situation, subscribe to the daily podcast here and listen to the full show in the player above! 

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