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Carolina Panthers wisely do not elect to use use franchise tag

The Carolina Panthers designed a move by, very well, not creating one.

Tuesday marked the day to be in a position to use the franchise tag designation. A lot of groups elected to do so. The Carolina Panthers ended up not one of them.

As some of you may well recall, they did not use the franchise tag last season either. There was some speculation that they would use it on kicker Graham Gano, but the crew signed their kicker before the deadline that Tuesday. At the time, it was kind of a relief that both of those sides ended up in a position to get the offer accomplished.

To me, the Panthers not using the franchise tag means a few of things. First, it means that they will not use it on Daryl Williams. There was some speculation that the business could use it on him, but that does not show up to be the situation. It will be interesting to see if the two sides check out to negotiate a offer ahead of the begin of no cost agency. Head mentor Ron Rivera hinted at the probability that both of those player and crew may well check out to get a offer accomplished ahead of no cost agency. We have but to see that happen, but there is nonetheless time of system.

Secondly, this could sign some roster turnover. The franchise tag assures that the player is with the crew for at least one yr. Even though this does not this does not signify that the Panthers may well aspect with quite a few players, it is telling that they are eager to go into the season with no franchise tag baggage. Ultimately, that may well help them enhance their roster down the road.

The other factor that performs into this is the wage cap. As Tim Weaver of notes, spending Williams $14 million to stick all around for one extra yr is harmful to the wage cap. Carolina has a ton of wants heading into the 2019 season. Having one player take up that substantially cap place would put a prospective damper on the team’s offseason strategies. They could undoubtedly use that $14 million in other locations to enhance the crew. Soon after a shedding season, there is no motive that dollars could not be put in elsewhere.

Not using the franchise tag means that the Carolina Panthers are (with any luck ,) imagining about the crew in the prolonged-phrase. They need to fill some holes on the roster.  Having for instance that $14 million that Williams would have taken with the tag is a reward. Frequently the franchise tag is a ton of dollars for only one player. Even though it may well not appear to be perfect to some, this was the right move for the Carolina Panthers.


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